Irey, Joseph, Hiatt, Griffith, Roberts, ???- my matrilineal line

Matches from mtDNA Full Sequence test do not yield any useful genealogical clues.

matrilineal ancestry (Copy)

My known matrilineal line goes back to Kentucky, where Jane Griffith was born in 1804. Her mother is believed to be Polly Roberts, but confirming evidence has not been found. One reference to the marriage of Polly Roberts and Benjamin Griffith was found in a book of compiled Kentucky marriages. Jane Griffith married John Hiatt, their daughter Nancy Mahala Hiatt was born in 1838. Nancy and John Fear Joseph had a daughter, Cora Emeline Joseph, born in 1874. Cora Joseph and Scott Lee Irey were married in Oklahoma Territory in 1904. Their daughter, Marie, my mother, was born in 1907.

A full sequence mtDNA test was completed 13 October 2014. Fifteen matches have been reported since that date; 9 of the matches show a genetic distance = 0, indicating an exact match at all test locations. Another match shows a difference of 1, another a difference of 2 and 4 test matches show a distance of 3. All 15 report J1b1b1 as their mitochondrial haplogroup, the same as mine. Some identified an earliest ancestor, some associated family trees with their test. None of my matrilineal surnames were found in any identified ancestor or in any family tree of my mtDNA matches. Eleven of the 15 matches had also taken a Family Finder (autosomal) test. None of the eleven are found on my Family Finder match list.

Conclusion: It is unlikely that the common matrilineal ancestor can be identified unless the matrilineal line can be extended several generations beyond current knowledge.


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