Paternal ancestry of Henry Leisher in Egelsbach, Hesse, Germany

The Leiser/Leyser family: over 250 years in Egelsbach, Hesse

Family book Egelsbach (Copy)

The data in Familienbuch-Egelsbach is based on official documents, and includes records for persons who were born, baptized, married, died or buried in Egelsbach between 1652 and 1875. During this time period, the official register was the Protestant church book. For Egelsbach, this would be the Lutheran parish book.

Research in the two volumes of this family book indicates the following paternal line of ancestry for my paternal grandfather Henry Leisher  (born Heinrich Leiser).

  • Heinrich Leiser, born 16 Nov. 1844, in Egelsbach.
  • Johannes Leiser, born 25 Sep 1810, in Egelsbach, and Anna Margareta Hinkel, born 7 Jul. 1814, in Dreieichenhain.
  • Johann Philipp Leiser, born 20 Jan 1784, in Egelsbach, and Anna Maria Finck, born 17 Dec 1787, in Egelsbach.
  • Johann Philipp Leyser, born 24 Dec 1751, in Egelsbach, and Anna Margaretha Bertz, born6 Mar 1751, in Egelsbach .
  • Johann Henrich Leyser, born 9 Oct. 1723, in Egelsbach, and Anna Barbara Finck, born 17 Nov 1726, in Egelsbach.
  • Johann Leyser, birth not stated, died 29 May 1751, in Egelsbach, and Margaretha Hebell, born 17 Feb 1690, in Egelsbach.

Egelsbach and Dreieichenhain are both in the Offenbach district of Hesse, south of Frankfurt.

Author: Luin Leisher

Octogenarian living in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Researching my family history for more than 20 years. Looking to connect with genetic and genealogical cousins. Active in genealogy societies.

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