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Our family should work together to give our ancestors immortality.

I will be blogging about my ancestors and the migration paths taken by my direct line ancestry to arrive in Oklahoma around 1900. My ancestry appears to be 100 % European.

I welcome your comments on any posts, to question, define and/or extend our shared ancestry or to note consistent or conflicting facts or relationships pertaining to those ancestors.

My objective, that I hope you share, is the development of a family history documenting facts, relationships and stories with a high level of confidence in their accuracy. Only through open and constructive communication among family members will we be able to achieve that objective.

I found the following poem on the first page of an unpublished genealogy compiled by my maternal aunt Reva (Irey) (Atterbery) Abbott. Perhaps the posts and your comments will give immortality to our shared ancestors..

All things to nothingness descend

Grow old and die and meet their end;

Man dies, iron rusts, wood goes decayed,

Towers fall, walls crumble, roses fade —

Nor long shall any name resound

Beyond the grave, unless’t be found

In some clerks book: it is the pen

Gives immortality to men.

Master Wace in the “Rhymed Chronicles of the Norman Dukes”



AncestryDNA 2021 ethnicity estimates

AncestryDNA updated ethnicity estimates became available today. Below are charts showing 1) change in my ethnicity estimates from the 2020 estimates, and 2) comparison of the 2021 estimates between siblings — myself and my two sisters.

Observations relating to my 2020 and 2021 estimates:

  1. Values for Germanic Europe and Ireland are remarkably consistent.
  2. A small Norwegian ethnicity is shown in 2021.
  3. Scotland and Wales appear to have been separated from England & NW Europe.

Observations from the sibling comparison:

  1. Estimates for myself and sister 2 are remarkably consistent, except for the small Norwegian ethnicity in my estimate.
  2. Sister 1 has significant differences from both myself and sister 2, including more England & NW Europe, less Germanic Europe, the only Sweden & Denmark, and more Norway.
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